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Aluminium Metal Ruler

Size: 30cm 60cm
Material: Aluminium Ruler
Description: Aluminium Metal Rule is T-shape with accu ate measu e fo statione y use . Rule made of aluminium featu ed with less weight. As one sluminium ule p oduce and supplie , out ule facto y in China manufac...

Metal Ruler

Item: RLM-8 RLM-9
Size: 26CM 39CM
Material: Aluminium

Metal Ruler - Aluminium ruler wholesaler

Item: RLM-6 RLM-7
Size: 30cm 35cm
Material: Aluminium
Description: Metal Rule - Aluminium ule , ule s facto y wholesale- China metal ule & statione y ule suplie China Rule Facto y p oduce se ies of Metal Rule ,Aluminium ule ,stainless steel ule , Plastic Rule ,...

Metal Ruler

Item: RLM-4 RLM-5
Size: 30cm
Material: Aluminium

Stainless Steel Ruler

Item: RLM-3
Size: 100cm
Material: Stainless Steel
Description: Stainless Steel Rule is made of Stainless Steel featu ed with 100cm accu ate measu e and ust-p oof, it can keep su face clean when you use it on the pape . As one Stainless Steel Rule p oduce and sup...

Stainless Steel Ruler

Item: RLM-1 RLM-2
Size: 50cm 60cm
Material: Stainless Steel

Aluminum alloy angle square

Item: 712012
Size: 12''
Material: Aluminium ruler
Description: Aluminum alloy angle squa e ule is one special ule with 12'' length. Ou facto y p oduce and expo t Aluminum alloy angle squa e ule

Angle square with plastic handle

Item: 712B08
Size: 8''
Material: Stainless Steel
Description: Stainless Steel angle squa e ule is one special ule with 8'' length, this squa e angle ule with plastic handle. Ou facto y p oduce and expo t Aluminum angle squa e ule and alloy Angle squa e ule

Aluminum angle square

Item: 718C25
Size: 250mm
Material: Aluminium

Angle square with wood handle

Item: 717C08
Size: 8"
Material: Stainless Steel,wood

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