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Oil Pastel Set D Series

Item: D324, D350
Size: 10.5mm x 66mm, 10.5mm x 66mm
Material: Wax, pigment, oil color
Description: The Oil Pastel Set, manufactu ed in China, a e made with ca efully selected mine al and o ganic pigments, mixed with a specially fo mulated non-d ying binde , and combined with the finest quality wax....

Oil Pastel Set POP Series

Item: POP11B12,POP11B24,POP11B36,POP11B48
Size: (11 mm × 70 mm, 12PCs), (11 mm × 70 mm, 24PCs), (11 mm × 70 mm, 36PCs), (11 mm × 70 mm, 48PCs)
Material: Oil color, pigment
Description: Students can d aw vib ant illust ations with these la ge Oil Pastels. These oil pastels a e pe fect fo olde o mo e advanced students. They a e intense in colo and pa ticula ly soft and pleasant to use...

Tempera Paint - 3 PCs 500ml Plastic Bottle

Item: Tempera_Paint_MTC500
Size: 500ml
Material: Tempera Paint
Description: Ou Tempe a Paint facto y in China p oduce and expo t many kinds of Tempe a Paint like tempe a Paint th ee PCs 500ml Plastic Bottle, you can have mo e detail on Tempe a Paint. Tempe a Paint is a non-p...

Tempera Paint MTC Classic Series

Item: MTC12B12, MTC24B5, MTC22B6, MTC60B12
Size: 12x12ml, 5x24ml, 6x22ml, 12x60ml
Material: Tempera Paint
Description: He e display fou types of Tempe a Paint, they a e ou facto y's new Tempe a Paint MTC Classic Se ies: 12x12ml, 5x24ml, 6x22ml, 12x60ml, the Tempe a Paint MTC Classic Se ies is Non-toxic, acid-f ee and ...

Tempera Paint Readymixed Poster

Size: A:125ml,200ml, B:250ml,500ml, 1L, C:5L
Material: Tempera Paint
Description: Tempe a Paint Readymixed Poste Tempe a Paint is a non-pe manent liquid that adhe es to most non-glazed su faces. This paint is fo mulated to ensu e an opaque, one-st oke, apid-d y matte finish. An e...

Watercolour Tablets with 1 brush

Size: PCM0658WT 6pcs large size, PCM06WTS 6pcs small size, PCM12WTS 12pcs small size
Material: oil colour
Description: Wate colou Tablets with 1 b ush has th ee models displayed he e. PCM0658WT 6pcs la ge size, PCM06WTS 6pcs small size, PCM12WTS 12pcs small size All th ee Wate colou Tablets contain one a tist's oil ...

Gouache Colour Set in plastic bottle

Item: PCG0618S, PCG1218S
Size: 6x18ml, 12x18ml
Material: Gouache Colour, pigment
Description: Gouache Colou Set is ou oil colou facto y's new p oducts se ies fo global ma ket, The Gouache Colou s Set has two model he e, PCG0618S and PCG1218S, the colou is contained in plastic bottle. PCG0618S ...

Water Colour Set in aluminium or plastic tube

Item: PW1022, PW0622, PW0645
Size: 10x22ml, 6x22ml, 6x45ml
Material: oil colour, pigment
Description: Wate colou is an exciting and ve satile medium fo painte to c eate a t atmosphe e with loose, t anspa ent washes, o by ove laying colou s. Unmatched fo pu ity, quality, and pe manence, ou wate colou s...

Water Colour Set in Aluminium tube

Item: MW12B6, MW12B12, MW12B18, MW23D1
Size: 6x12ml, 12x12ml, 18x12ml, 23ml
Material: oil colour
Description: Wate Colou Set in Aluminium tube has many models like wate colo MW12B6, MW12B12, MW12B18, MW23D1 Oil colou is one g eat painting mate ial fo a tist to c eate colo ful and exp essive paintings. Unmatc...

Oil Colour Boxed_MO Series Artist Colour

Item: MO12B18, MO12B12, MO12B6
Size: 18pcs/box, 12pcs/box, 6pcs/box
Material: oil colour
Description: Oil Colou in aluminium tube packaged in pape box has many Item, like MO12B18(12ml) with 18pcs each box, MO12B12(12ml) with 12pcs each oil colou box, MO12B6(12ml) in 6 pcs each oil colo box. Ou oil co...

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