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Potter Rib - Pottery Tools - Clay Tool set

Item: art-materials-pr-5
Size: factory order or OEM
Material: wood, hardwood
Description: Potte 's Rib - Potte Ribs Set - Potte y Tools - Clay Tool - Wooden A tist Tool f om China a t mate ials supplie Beautifully fo med and polished boxwood tools a e ve y useful fo shaping clay while wo...

Double Wire End Clay Tool Set - Art Kits

Item: Art-tool-DGS-10(6)
Size: factory order or OEM
Material: wood, steel
Description: Double Wi e End Clay Tool Set - Clay Tools offe ed by China Clay Tool Supplie Double Wi e End Clay Tool Set a e a total of six diffe ent tools and each has two diffe ent ends fo many shapes. G eat f...

Double Ball Stylus by Clay Tool supplier

Item: art-materials-DBS
Size: OEM
Material: wood, steel
Description: Double Ball Stylus f om China Clay Tool supplie Each of these clay tools has two wo king ends fo double ve satility. They' e g eat fo detailing, finishing, etc. The quality metal ends a e mounted...

Double Ball Stylus -8PCs clay tool set

Item: art-tool-DPS-8pc
Size: OEM or Factory Order
Material: wood, steel
Description: Double Ball Stylus -8PCs clay tool set p oduced and expo ted by China clay tool supplie Excellent fo sg affito, embossing, and tole painting. Use with polyme clay fo d awing smooth lines and deco at...

Drawing companion set - Drawing Tools Set

Item: Art-supplies-CP06
Size: OEM or Factory Order
Material: paper
Description: D awing companion set - D awing Tools Set supplied by China A tist mate ials supplie G eat fo use with pastel, cha coal, and g aphite, the Alvin He itage D awing Tools Set is the pe fect addition to...

Foam Roller - Paint Rollers Supplier

Item: art-materials-541
Size: factory order or OEM
Material: sponge, pvc
Description: Foam Rolle - Foam Rolle s Supplie - Painte Rolle Supplie - Foam Paint Rolle C eate unusual effects in wate colo s and ac ylic paints by olling the paint on the wall o pape . T y them fo window paint...

Finger Paint with Shapes

Item: Paint_7165
Size: OEM finger paint
Material: paint, colour
Description: Finge Paint featu es with vivid colou , inte mixable, smooth and soft feel, no impu ity and fine odo . The finge paint is fast d ying without any w inkles on su face, it can be used on pape , pape boa...

Water-based Paint for Children

Item: Paint-7159
Size: OEM & Wholesale Paint
Material: paint, colour
Description: The window paint is non-toxic, confo ms to ASTMD4236 and EN71, only fo the ove 36 month child en. The paint was easily used due to adoption of squeezable bottle with fine tip nozzle. Window paint is ...

Window paint_Colour for Children

Item: paint-7151
Size: OEM Drawing Paint
Material: colour, paint
Description: Window paint is wate -based p oducts that can be peeled off afte d ying. The colou is b ight and vivid, semi-t anspa ent and inte blended. The window paint can stick epeatedly on all kinds of su faces...

Window Paint_Colour for Kids' Painting

Item: Paint_7143
Size: OEM kid's colour
Material: Paint, colour
Description: Window Paint is one special Colou fo Kids' Painting. The paint featu ed with vivid colo , no odo s, excellent fo a t students, suitable fo handc aft painting on fab ic, pape , wood, ce amic, plastic, ...

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