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Leather Portable Folding Stool
Item No: PS01
Material: beech/elm/pine/basswood,leather
Size: Size: 47(h)x35(d)cm
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Detailed Description For Leather Portable Folding Stool

Get right up to your easel comfortably with this new painter's stool, ideal for field painting and art fairs, these stools have center support and legs that can be deployed and adjusted for any terrain and sitting position.

The heavy-duty wood folding stool features leather seat and measures 47(h)x35(d)cm. It closes down almost flat for easy transport and storage. The wood stool has good weight capacity.

This Wood Portable Folding Stool is made of beech/elm/pine/basswood, our Painter's Stool factory produce many kinds of wood Painter's Stool, wood Portable Folding Stool.

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