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Hard Cover Notebook - Student Notebook
Item No: JB-1521-Paper-Pad
Material: paper
Size: factory order
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Detailed Description For Hard Cover Notebook - Student Notebook

Painting Pad - Student Paper Notebook produced by China Stationery Factory supplier

Inspired by the journalistic tradition, the notebook gives artists, writers, designers, and students new ways to express their ideas. The hard-cover notebooks sport the same expandable pocket and elastic closure as their Moleskine siblings.

Hard Cover Notebook — This notebook features the traditional hard, bound-cardboard cover with rounded edges, a bookmark, an elastic closure,and an expandable inner pocket made of cardboard and cloth that contains the Moleskine history and securely holds small notes, mementoes, and other items. The notebook contains acid-free, plain pages, 24 of which are detachable. The book is threadbound and flips open at the top.

Our notebook factory produced series of notebook, watercolor notebook, soft-cover notebook, painting pad, paper pad.

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