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48-color set of oil pastel set in paper box

Item: art-supplies-POP11B48
Size: Factory order or OEM
Material: pastel, pigment
Description: 48-colo set of oil pastel set in pape box p oduce and offe ed by China oil pastel supplie These oil pastels set, contain 48 colo s, a e pe fect fo olde o mo e school students. They a e intense in co...

18-color Oil Paint set - 12ml oil color set

Item: Art-materials-MO12B18
Size: OEM or Factory Order
Material: oil color
Description: 12mlx18 oil colo set - 18-colou oil paint set - oil colo p oduced & offe ed by China oil paint supplie the 12ml oil colou set can be packed in 6 colo set, 12-colo oil colo set, 18-colou oil colo...

18-color Gouache colour Set - Art Materials

Item: art-supplies-ma12b18
Size: 18 color set, 12ml
Material: pigment
Description: 18x12ml Gouache Colo Set - 18-colo Gouache colou Set p oduced & offe ed by China Gouache colo facto y supplie 12ml Gouache Colou Set can be packaged as 6-colo set, 12-colou set, 18-colo set Bas...

Water-based Window Paint

Item: paint-4852
Size: Wholesale from Paint Factory
Material: Colour, paint
Description: The Wate -based Window Paint was easily used due to adoption of squeezable bottle with fine tip nozzle. The colou is b ight and vivid, semi-t anspa ent and inte blended. The window paint is non-toxic,...

Washable Finger Paint in plastic jar

Item: paint-568
Size: OEM finger paint
Material: Color, paint
Description: Finge Paint is one enjoyable a t supplies and a tist mate ials fo child en and kids. Dip you finge s into a ja of this gel-like finge paint and get inspi ed! Six vib ant finge paints come in plastic j...

Colorful Paint - Art Painting Colors

Item: Paint_7141
Size: OEM window paint
Material: colour, paint
Description: Colo ful Paint is one good window deco ative a t kit. The paint cann't be washed down, can be p essed but not defo med, st ong adhesive, non-c ack with fine quality afte d ying. It's one ideal child e...

3D Paint Color_Puffy Paint

Item: Paint_7134
Size: OEM of art material
Material: special color
Description: The Colo Paint is 3D paint that is made of special mate ial.Hold the bottle and gently squeeze paints to the su face of object you will wo k on. Afte d ying about 6 hou s, blow the paint with hai d ye...

Acrylic color and Gouache Colour

Item: color_091
Size: Acrylic Colour, Gouache Colour, Water colour
Material: colour, packed in plastic bottle
Description: Ac ylic A t paints p ovide qualities such as quick d ying time and a tough finish that makes them ideal fo use on almost any su face such as canvas, wood, pape , fab ic, metal, etc. The wate colo set,...

Washable Finger Paint Set MFP

Item: MFP35B04
Size: 4x35ml
Material: creamy color
Description: The washable finge paint is one g eat a t mate ial fo kids to c eate imagineable paints. The Finge Paint comes in convenient wide-mouth ja s as Handy A t Mate ial! The c eamy smooth consistency sp ead...

Solid Water Colours Set

Item: Dws12
Size: 12pcs/plastic box
Material: solid oil colour
Description: Solid oil colou s a e the medium of choice fo c afte s because they a e so convenient.Also, solid oil colou s can easily stamp a colou ful patte n quickly and easily on fab ics, walls, canvas when you...

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