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Brush Case - Brush Organising Case
Item No: brush-wallet-BD19
Material: nylon, or canvas
Size: OEM or factory order
Minimum Order Quantity:
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Detailed Description For Brush Case - Brush Organising Case

Art Brush Organizer - Artist Travel Case - Art Brush Holder - Brush Organising Case - Art Brush Wallet - Painting Bag

If you like to keep a lot of brushes on hand, you need this Brush Organizer! No matter how many brushes you own, you can roll them up and store them with ease in this brush organizer.

Each pocket can hold one large or three or four small brushes. Our art organizer factory produce seris of Art Brush Organizer ,Artist Travel Case,Art Brush Holder,Brush Organising Case,Art Brush Wallet,Painting Bag


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