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Autoblade Utility Knife
Item No: XD-37A
Material: Stainless Steel,plastic
Packaging: blister packing, 144pcs/ctn,45*32.5*38cm
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Carton
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Detailed Description For Autoblade Utility Knife

Such AUTO-LOAD UTILITY KNIFE generally consists of a simple and cheap holder, typically flat, approximately one inch (25 mm) wide and three to four inches (75 to 100 mm) long, and typically made of either metal or plastic. Some use standard razor blades, others specialised double-ended blades as in the illustration. The user can manually adjust how far the blade extends from the handle, so that for example the knife can be used to cut the tape sealing a package without damaging the contents of the package.

The blades for a utility knife come in both double and single ended versions, and are interchangeable with many, but not all of the later copies. Specialised blades also exist for cutting string, linoleum and other purposes. Spare or used blades may be stored in the handle in some models.

The Autoblade Utility Knife is all made of high-tech Stainless Steel and plastic, the blade of Autoblade Utility Knife is stainless steel and the Utility Knife have a reputation for quality and dependability from professional Utility Knife supplier and Utility Knife manufacturer in China. We have one Utility Knife factory in China accept oem of Utility Knife.

The packing of the Utility Knife is blister card packing,144pcs/ctn,45*32.5*38cm. The MOQ for this Autoblade Utility Knife is 1 Carton.

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