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18-color water-soluble pencils set

Item: watercolor-pencil-18s
Size: factory order or OEM
Material: wood
Description: 18-colo Wate colo Pencil set, 18-colo wate -soluble pencils set p oduced by China pencil facto y supplie These wate -soluble pencils offe the a tist the f eedom to switch f om d awing to painting in...

Double Ended Wire Tool set in wooden box

Item: clay-tool-art-supplies
Size: OEM or factory order
Material: wood, steel
Description: Double Ended Wi e Tool set in wooden box - Clay Tool Set - Ce amic & Potte y Tool Set f om China a t supplies supplie The Wi e ended tool set is packed in wooden box, it is one g eat clay & ...

Self-moistening water brush - art brush

Item: calligraphy-cp09
Size: OEM or factory order
Material: hair, handle
Description: Self-moistening wate b ush - Chinese callig aphy b ushes - a t b ush offe ed by Chinese callig aphy b ush supplie Self-moistening wate b ush is ve y easy to hold ink to keep b ush moisten when you w...

Air Brush set offered by Air Brush supplier

Item: Art-tool-ABS01
Size: OEM or factory order
Material: steel, pvc
Description: Ai B ush set p oduced & offe ed by China Ai B ush manufactu ing supplie Ai b ush, an atomize to sp ay paint by means of comp essed ai , p oduced by China top manufactu e of ai b ush. ai b ush a ...

Large Painting Knife - Artist Knives supplier

Item: art-supplies-564
Size: OEM or factory order
Material: wood, steel
Description: La ge Painting Knife - Steel Painting knives with wooden handle - A tist Knives supplie The la ge painting knives a e p oduced by China P emie A t Knife manufactu e , the painting knife a e made of ...

Plastic Brush Washer with brush holders

Item: Paint-Bucket-65
Size: OEM or factory order
Material: plastic, PVC
Description: Plastic B ush Washe with b ush holde s - Paint B ush Bucket p oduced & expo ted by China A t Supplies Supplie Plastic B ush Washe is one g eat wate bucke with two holes to hold a t b ushes like ...

PAPER PALETTE - Disposable Palettes

Item: art-materials-864
Size: OEM or factory order
Material: paper
Description: TEAR-OFF PAPER PALETTE - One-time pape Palette - Disposable Palettes p oduced & expo ted by China Painting Palette supplie This specially t eated heavy white pape is suitable fo use with oils o ...

Rasp Files - Steel Stone Carving Tool Set

Item: Art-supplies-AF-8
Size: OEM or factory order
Material: iron , steel
Description: Rasp Files - Steel Stone Ca ving Tool Set offe ed by China Ca ving Tool supplie The fine g ade steel asps a e fo wo king plaste and the softe stones such as alabaste and soapstone. The steel stone c...

Blue Grip - Clean Up Tool - Pottery Tool

Item: art-supplies-63
Size: OEM or factory order
Material: steel, PVC
Description: Blue G ip - Clean Up Tool - Potte y Tool offe ed by China Clay Tool & Potte y Tool supplie The blue g ip, one of clean up tools, has two wo king ends fo double ve satility. It's g eat fo detaili...

Steel Dippers - Double Dippers - Art Dipper

Item: art-materials-462
Size: single Dipper or Double Dippers
Material: stainless steel
Description: stainless steel dippe s - Steel Dippe s - Double Dippe s - A t Dippe p oduced & expo ted by China a t supplies supplie . The dippe is one good containe to hold liquid and medium of oil paint o pa...

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