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Childrens' Smock - Apron Factory Supplier

Item: Kids'-smock-HY06A
Size: factory order
Material: nylon or canvas
Description: child en's smock - Kids' Smock - A t Smock p oduced by China Smock & Ap on Facto y Supplie This child en's smock, fo age10-12, make it easy to put on and take off, while the full-length sleeves ...

Rubber color shaper - Wide Colour shapers

Item: art-supplier-546
Size: OEM or factory order
Material: rubber
Description: Big Rubbe colo shape - wide Colou shape s - China colou shape facto y and manufactu ing supplie Apply and manipulate la ge amounts of oil o ac ylic paint with these ext a wide ubbe b ushes. The flat...

Hard Cover Notebook - Student Notebook

Item: JB-1521-Paper-Pad
Size: factory order
Material: paper
Description: Painting Pad - Student Pape Notebook p oduced by China Statione y Facto y supplie Inspi ed by the jou nalistic t adition, the notebook gives a tists, w ite s, designe s, and students new ways to exp...

Bevel edge stretched canvas, paint canvas

Item: art-material-5461
Size: OEM or factory order
Material: canvas, wood
Description: Bevel edge st etched canvas p oduced by China Oil painting canvas facto y supplie Ou st etched canvas facto y p oduce and design se ies of st etched Canvases, ou heavyweight, high quality canvas fo ...

Sculptural Knife Set & wood carving tool holder

Item: Art-bag-WCS44
Size: factory order or OEM
Material: wood, steel
Description: Sculptu al tool set baged - Sculptu al Knife Set with ca ving tool holde p oduced by China sculptu al tool facto y supplie This wood-handled tool set is ideal fo hand-ca ving wood o linoleum to make...

Paper Trimmer, China Paper Cutter Supplier

Item: art-supplies
Size: OEM or factory order
Material: steel, PVC
Description: Pape T imme - Pape Cutte - China Pape Cutte Supplie This value-p iced pape t imme has a stu dy metal base with non-skid ubbe feet. It featu es a sp ing-action metal blade with an automatic pape cl...

Wood Carving Tool Set - Sculpture knife

Item: art-knives-WCS05
Size: OEM or factory order
Material: wood, steel
Description: Wood Ca ving Tool Set - Sculptu e knife - China Wood ca ving tool facto y supplie The 6-PC ca ving tool have 6 diffe ent steep tip shapes fo you wooden c aft ca ving, ou China Wood ca ving tool fact...

Pencil Holder - Colored Pencil Carrier Portfolio

Item: art-pouch-BD22
Size: OEM or factory order
Material: canvas
Description: Pencil Holde - Colo ed Pencil Ca ie Po tfolio - Painting Bag - Pencil ca ying bag - Pencil Pouch One Pencil Holde (alos named as Niji Roll o Multi-pu pose Pencil Pouch) can hold many pencils and colo...

Painting Brush Organizer - Liner brush wallet

Item: holder-Bag-BD03
Size: OEM or factory bulk purchase
Material: nylon or canvas
Description: Painting B ush O ganize - Line b ush Holde - B ush O ganising Case - A t B ush Wallet f om China A t Bag Supplie If you like to keep a lot of b ushes o line b ushes on hand, you need this A t B ush ...

Brush Case - Brush Organising Case

Item: brush-wallet-BD19
Size: OEM or factory order
Material: nylon, or canvas
Description: A t B ush O ganize - A tist T avel Case - A t B ush Holde - B ush O ganising Case - A t B ush Wallet - Painting Bag If you like to keep a lot of b ushes on hand, you need this B ush O ganize ! No mat...

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