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Using the best quality materials to produce canvas and oil painting on canvas
Source: Author:Daven Updated Date:14 Jul 2009

We, China Fine Arts Co. Ltd, only ever use the best quality materials to produce canvas and oil painting on canvas. As one premier art material supplier and art supplies manufacturer in China, our sub-factory produce and export series of art materials, especially canvas and canvas printing products.
The one thing we pride ourselves on is that, unlike some other canvas printing companies, we only ever use the best quality materials.

At Vivid Canvas we use superior quality 100% cotton canvas. This has water resistant qualities as well has having a semi-gloss look and feel which really helps bring the colours in your picture to life.

We also use the most up to date high quality printing inks and machines to make sure that your images are always reproduced to the highest quality available.

After your image has been checked we cover it in a lacquer that provides a degree of protection from dust, dirt and finger prints! It also locks in the colours to ensure that they don't fade for years to come.

All printing is done to the same high standard, but we have two grades of frames. Our standard frames are hand made to your specifications. These are made of kiln dried 1.5"x 0.75" pine and cut to any length you require. Our premium frames are made of 1.5" deep fir pine stretcher bars which are both strong and light with a sophisticated construction . 'Wedges' are used along with the precisely mitred tongue & groove corner joints to expand the stretcher frame to apply tension to the canvas.
 When you are choosing who to buy your canvas from, don't underestimate how important wedges are. Over time all canvases will sag, this may take months or years for this to happen, but inevitably, it will. Wedges are the only things that will stop this from happening. When you notice it happening a small tap on the wedges from a hammer will stretch the canvas making it taut again. 
The profile of our stretcher bars is bevelled and tapered so that the canvas has minimal contact. A slope on the front face of the bar is to allow extra space behind the canvas and avoid unwanted contact with the wood. The quality of the wood used in making our bars has a major impact on the long term stability of the stretched canvas. The wood is a select clear grade, with straight grain, free of knots, splits, resin blisters and other defects.

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