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Stetched Canvas for Artist Canvas Printing.
Source: Author:China-finearts Updated Date:30 Nov 2009

We are pleased to announce the addition of a our Stretched Canvas' category to our China Fine Arts' website. In most of the art supply stores pre-stretched canvases are available in various sizes. Today artists have many options in the field of canvas printing. For artists who wish to stretch their own canvas prints this is the procedure.

Begin with the frame part. Some artists like to use precut frame lengths because they have a fitting tongue on each end. Two pairs of wood (four pieces) per frame will be needed. A frame of 16 x 20 will need two 16" lengths and two 20" lengths wooden pieces. You can fit the corners together by placing alternatively a long length piece and a short length piece and hitting the corners together with the hammer for placing it perfect. You need to tap together to make a rectangular shape and not a trapezoid shape and for that a T-square or a Right-angle triangle can be used. If your frame is not in the right position gently press the two corners furthest away from each other until they are square.

Wood saw and a miter box, or a chop miter saw will be needed if you are using uncut wood lengths for making a frame. You will also need a heavy duty staple gun or V type nails made particularly for joining together two pieces of wood. You will have to cut two pairs of wood lengths. With the help of miter equipment all the eight ends will be cut at a 45 degree angle. The outer dimensions of your frame will be formed by the longest edge of each piece. After cutting of pieces are done, put together a long and a short length and join them with a nail or one staple. Just be aware of the right angle. If desired, the wood pieces can be clamped as a wooden block that is to a right angle assisting you while you join it. Carry on with the other corners, and give a final check for right angles.

Now your frame is ready. A light weight staple gun or tacks and a hammer, is needed for an artist to grade canvas. Incise your canvas in a rectangular shape with an extra 2 inch or more on all sides of the frame, so that the canvas can be pulled around the back of the frame. Place the canvas on the table or floor facing down with the frame centered on it. In the middle of one side of canvas attach one staple or tack on the back side. Now gently pull the opposite side, so that there is no slack but it should not be stretched tight, attach that canvas to the middle of the back.

Now go to the other sides that are not yet done. Gently pull one side to the middle at the back side and attach it. Puckering of canvas should be avoided. Now take the middle of the fourth side and pull so that the canvas looks like the top of a drum. It should neither be too tight nor too loose. Start adding one tack or one staple to each side after the sides are been attach, it should be about 1-2 inches apart, continue in a circle around the sides.  Work your way towards the corners from the middles of each side. Neatly fold the corners when you get close to the corners. By securing the corners your canvas print is now ready for painting and priming.

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