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Pieces of Nature Add Character to Lighting
Source: The Washington Post Author:Kelly Wilkinson Updated Date:27 Aug 2009

I can't remember a time when I wasn't making something with my hands. In elementary school, the principal nabbed me for selling "Eraser People" I made out of pink erasers, straight pins and smiling faces that I drew with the shaky skills of a second-grader. Fast forward to college and I was still at it. I remember walks around the green, collecting twigs to make into picture frames back in my dorm.

The style of my projects has evolved since, but the satisfaction of creating remains just as potent. For me, the joy hits twice: First, when I'm lost in the process of making something with my hands; and again after I finish a project and it becomes part of the landscape of our home. A table decoration, a jar of jam, a pillow all serve as handmade artifacts that represent small moments of slow time within a busy life.

Every month, I'll share a project for crafters and non-crafters alike. Experienced crafters might find inspiration in new materials, and non-crafters can take heart that I won't use fancy techniques or hard-to-find materials. My crafting essentials include scissors (paper and fabric), a craft knife (such as the X-Acto brand), a small collection of glues (glue stick, spray-on adhesive, Glue Dots and Mod Podge), foam brushes and a constantly evolving supply of fabric, papers, ribbons and stamps.

While I envy fellow crafters who have whole rooms devoted to their stash, I live in a city apartment. So for now, I've commandeered a corner of the hall closet for my tower of supplies, and our dining room table doubles as workbench.

Here's a favorite project with an end-of-summer vibe. It shows what I love most about crafting: using simple materials in new ways, and arriving at a finished project for the dinner, picnic or cocktail table, because I firmly believe craft projects shine brightest in social situations, with friends and family gathered close.

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