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China Fine arts Limited is establesihed as branch company of China Arts Hangzhou Import and Export Corporation, our working group has been engaged in the Art materials making and supplying for more than 18 years. After years of development, now our business partners have covered almost all over the world. Thanks for all of our customers' efforts these years, we have grown into one of important professional art material suppliers in China.More...
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Our New Art Supplies Website is launched now!
Source: Author:Daven Updated Date:22 Apr 2009

China Fine Arts Limited New Art Supplies Website is launched now!

Our new vision website is based on seo tech and it will be more easy and convenient for supplies buyers and importers to check our products, of course, you can order art items online through our website.

If you have any interest in our art supplies, please contact us, China Fine Arts Limited, as one premier art material supplier and exporter in China, will meet your need in this business scope

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China Fine Arts Limited is one premier supplier and exporter to offer art materials like artist brush, easels, artist canvas , artist colours,and other accessories.
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