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Mannequin Offers from China Wooden Manikin Factory - Stationery Supplier
Source: Updated Date:04 Nov 2009

A mannequin (also called manikin, mannikin, dummy, or lay figure) is an often articulated doll used by artists, tailors, dressmakers, and others especially to display or fit clothing. Wooden mannequins made of polished hardwood, it's ideal as a reference manikin, or free-standing sculpture. 

The mannequin is also used for life-sized dolls with simulated airways used in the teaching of first aid, CPR, and advanced airway management skills such as intubation and for human figures used in computer simulation to model the behaviour of the human body. Mannequin is also used in English in the sense of fashion model.

Mannequin is an artist's jointed model", which in turn meaning little man, figurine.

China fine arts Co., Ltd, as one manikin supplier in China, our manikin factory can produce and export many kinds of figurine manikins, hardwood manikins, animal manikins like Dragon Manikin, eagle Manikin, Giraffe Manikin. Our Wooden manikins are handmade from polished hardwood and features a series of action shapes. They are used as basis for creating a variety of man model creatures, artist's painting model.

Our featured sportsman wooden manikins made with fine craftsmanship, its two fully articulated legs and two hands can be adjusted independently. Use it as a teaching tool, as a model for drawing or painting, or as an inspiring display piece in the classroom or studio.

You can also view our other series of wooden manikins directly from China manikin factory. Welocme to order our manikins, OEM is also available.

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