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Creating your own artwork does not have to cost a fortune
Source: Author:MAISIE KNOWLES Updated Date:06 Aug 2009

Artwork does not have to cost a fortune. You can save hundreds of dollars by creating your own artwork. Here's how:

- Paint

If you feel confident picking up a brush and painting, you can create your own abstract piece of art. Use simple colors and lines to create a piece that fits your style. Depending on your paint medium pick an appropriate surface to paint on. Ask for help at your local craft store if you are not sure what to use. Finish off your abstract art by picking up a frame at a craft store during a sale. If you use canvas for your art piece, try painting the sides of the stretched canvas for a wrapped look and hang as is.

- Photography

Using your own digital camera you can take simple shots of scenery which can look like expensive art. Read your camera's manual to learn about the different settings then go outdoors and start shooting. Experiment with the various settings to see what type of picture you end up with. Remember that simple shots like a single flower or a close up shot of grass make elegant photos. Using your computer you can convert your photo to black and white or crop your photo. Print your photo at a kiosk like Kodak for less than $1, then frame your photo in an affordable frame.

- Stock Photography

You don't need to be a seasoned photographer to get a nice picture. You don't even need to know how to turn on your camera. There are Web sites such as that sell stock photography for a few dollars. Just search for the type of photo you are looking for and the website can return hundreds of options. When purchasing stock photography make sure you purchase the size of photo that will closely match the final size you are looking for. Again, you can print your purchase photo at a kiosk and frame it.

- Vintage

Thrift or antique stores can be a gold mine for vintage art. Look for old calendars or posters in good condition that you can frame. Use a mat in your frame to create a finished look. Mats can be bought at your local craft store and cut to size for cheaper than a custom frame store.

- Printed Canvas

If you like the look of stretched canvas art and are willing to pay a little extra, places like Kinkos can print photos on stretched canvas. Check with your local print store for pricing and various textures for your canvas. You can also look online for websites that will also print on stretched canvas. Usually websites will offer special promo codes and even free shipping.

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