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12th annual art expo set for April 18
Source: Neosho Daily News Author:Todd G. Higdon Updated Date:22 Apr 2009

A way for the public and artists to view and participate in artwork, the 12th annual Art Expo, sponsored by the Southwest Missouri Art Alliance, will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 18, at the Lampo Building.

"It is to make available quality programs for art education and public awareness of the arts," said Pam Leisenring, co-chair of Southwest Missouri Art Alliance. "It is a time of sharing information and learning some new skills."

Cost is $25 per person and includes lunch. There will be a speaker and a demonstrator during the day-long event. Paula Giltner, an Ozark Bible College instructor, will speak in the morning and Theresa Rankin of Carthage will conduct the afternoon demonstration.

"Paula Giltner is involved in watercolors and other mediums and has done architectural renderings for years for Allgier, Martin & Associates of Joplin," said Leisenring. "She now instructs at Ozark Bible College and has private classes. She is particularly good in the perspective of architecture rendering situations."

Participants are asked to bring sketch pads, a straight edge, a triangle and drawing supplies to the event.

"And what I think is exciting is – weather permitting –we hope to go up on the Neosho Square and after she (Giltner) has given us some instructions, we actually draw parts of the historic square, maybe the facades that they are being put up," Leisenring said. "We'll get some actual on the spot experience with the instructional matter."

Participants are also asked to bring their favorite media, if desired for short plein-air experience.

After a lunch from noon to 1 p.m., Rankin will begin her demonstration.

"Her topic is highlighting the use of light in the artwork to make your subject matter more effective," Leisenring said. "The pieces that she has are highly visible.

She has won numerous awards, she won best of show in the Thomas Hart Benton Four-State Regional Art Competition and exhibits the year before last, and she has had her work in the top 100 of the art in the park. She is well known not only locally, but she is gaining…she has moved ahead quite rapidly this past year."

Participants can pay the $25 at the door and the money raised will go toward other art events.
"It pays for the event itself and any remaining funds will be channeled into putting on the Thomas Hart Benton Festival which is in October," she said.

And what will the participants get out of it?

"I hope that they will walk out with some useful knowledge to apply to their art work, so they can continue to grow in their development as artist," Leisenring said. "Our job as artists are to take that one-dimensional surface and make it appear like we can go into it, like it has shape and form and so that we can, we fell like we can enter the picture, then you begin enjoying it. And that is what art is really about, is finding something in there that trips your trigger, so to speak, so that you say 'Wow!'"

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